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Countering Otherness: How to Foster Integration With Your Team

Transformation Coach and Facilitator for Senior Leaders and Teams, Sabah Hydari has utilized her own research and personal experiences to design, test and facilitate a process that specifically counters ‘otherness’ and promotes inclusion in teams and organizations for individuals. 2020 has been a momentous year. George Floyd’s brutal murder caused protests and riots across the […]

Are Your Great-Grandparents in These Immigration Photographs?

The Ellis Island immigration station opened in New York harbor in 1900, just in time for the huge upswing in immigration to the United States that took place in the years leading up to World War I. In 1907, the peak year of immigration, 3,000 to 5,000 newcomers a day were examined at Ellis Island […]

Money Matters: How FinTech Can Drive Social Change

The American Dream. What happened to it? The greatest nation in the history of the world is losing the dream as the wealth gap widens every day and economic inequality soars. Are we still the land of the free and home of the brave for everyone, or only a select wealthy few? As the U.S. […]

Bank Loans Designed to Make the World a Better Place

PODCAST PEOPLE: A Summary from the Real Leaders Podcast “One of the distinct advantages we have is that we’re able to say to people what we do every day is going to make a difference in the world and it’s going to result in positive changes.” Douglas Bystry is the Founder, President, and CEO of […]

Feeding the Soul: The Grocer Tackling Philadelphia’s Food Deserts

When fourth-generation grocer and YPO member Jeffrey Brown opened his first store in 2004 in a low-income Philadelphia neighborhood with a history of gun violence and hired several returning felons to work in it, most people thought he was crazy. Fifteen years later, he’s CEO and president of Brown’s Super Stores, which ranks in the […]

Leadership Lessons from Children

At age 13, Craig Kielburger decided that his purpose in life was to help others discover their purpose. Over the years, he has worked with some of the world’s most renowned thinkers and social activists to raise awareness among young people that the power to change lies within their hands. Blinking in the sunlight, 22 […]

Gaza Amputees Turn To Football To Overcome Disabilities And Trauma

Omar was 19 when he lost his leg after a bullet tore through it on May 14, 2018, the worst day in a series of border demonstrations in Gaza. Today, following months of suffering from physical pain and psychological trauma, Omar is sending a ball across the football field with great force and determination. “I […]

Here’s How Business Leaders Can Defeat Unconscious Bias

How can business leaders defeat unconscious bias? First, you need to know what unconscious bias is. Unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) refers to unconscious forms of discrimination and stereotyping based on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, age, and so on. It differs from cognitive bias, which is a predictable pattern of mental errors that result in […]

6 Lessons From a Vietnamese Refugee Turned American C-Suite Executive

America is known as a melting pot – a country built on the hopes and dreams of refugees and immigrants who sought to escape the dangers and violence of tyranny and authoritarianism. Some of the greatest leadership lessons often come from those who have overcome great challenges and survived. Tim Tran’s remarkable story shows that […]

Embracing a Remote Workforce Can be a Catalyst for Diversity

Civil unrest, systemic racial injustice, political turbulence, and a global pandemic has dramatically altered the way we live, work, socialize, connect, and move about the world. The disparity is mind-bending, and suddenly, unexpectedly, life has upended. And as the prevalence of COVID-19 continues to intensify, the vast majority of companies have embraced long-term remote operations. […]

A List Of Resources For Supporting The Black Lives Matter Movement

As protests continue around the world, we must call for action. The chaotic images of cities around the world may have you feeling helpless, but there are many ways you can support ending police violence, help the cause of racial justice, and support the broader Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve gathered a list of ways […]

America’s First Black Marines: Fighting Segregation and the War

The year was 1943 and Joseph Carpenter had just received orders to report to Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, North Carolina, from his home in Washington. “I was proud to be a Marine because they had so much history,” said Carpenter, now 95. But in 1943, Carpenter was about to make history as one of […]

Martin Luther King: Celebrating a Right To Freedom

It’s been almost 52 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. As people once again take to the streets to highlight social injustice and atrocities across the country and the world, we ask: is his dream still relevant today? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee (U.S.), almost 52 years […]

Famous Activist Portrait Re-enacted 45 Years Later

A re-enacted photographic portrait of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes in their iconic 1971 “raised fists” stance taken by St. Augustine photographer Daniel Bagan, has been added to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery collection. It gives new life to the significance and power of their historic statement of equal rights for women and blacks.  More than 48 years since the original Dan […]

How to Build Unity When Speaking to a Diverse Audience

SPEAKING WITH IMPACTEach week, speech coach and leadership mentor James Rosebush will answer a question on how to improve your public speaking. This week, Mark Percy, President, and CEO of CLA Orange County, asks: “Collaboration is essential to get anything done these days. How can you authentically connect to your audience to help further this goal?” […]

Get Unstuck: 3 Easy Ways to Shake Off Setbacks

“It’s history. Why bother thinking about it?”  That’s the phrase a college wrestler named Sam turned into a mantra. Alongside strength training and perfecting his techniques in duck-unders and takedowns, Sam rehearses this phrase in the days and hours leading up to an important match. During a match, he doesn’t want any setbacks to linger […]

5 Key Learnings From An Impact Investing Master

Career paths take people on fascinating life journeys. For Kim Wright-Violich (above), the crossroads along her career path have provided opportunities for exciting and meaningful work. Wright-Violich is a Managing Partner at Tideline, an impact investing consulting firm, and a member of the ImpactAssets Board of Directors. Through a mosaic of a career spent in […]

13 Powerful Images That Show the Refugee Crisis and Offer Solutions

Since it’s inauguration in Geneva in 2010, the Making Peace photo exhibition – considered one of the largest photo exhibits of its kind ever produced – has been shown in 12 major cities, including in a Rio de Janeiro subway station during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. What impact can an exhibition such as Making […]

4 Lessons From an Impact Investor

Wall Street is often the source of inspiration for investment professionals. But Gerhard Pries took a different path. It was on the streets of Calcutta working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity that he found a deeper motivation that has led him to the pinnacle of impact investing. Pries is the Managing Partner of Sarona […]

World Leaders Depicted as Refugees

How do you get world leaders to experience firsthand the suffering of refugees? Syrian artist Abdalla Al Omari has found a solution, placing some of the most recognizable politicians in their shoes — by painting them. The Syrian-born artist, now based in Belgium, is driven by the emotions created by the massive displacement of people […]

Measures Matter, but Make Sure Your Success is Real, not Fake

Many organizations embrace the idea of setting objectives and key results (or OKRs). Where we see a performance measure in an organization, we usually see a target. That’s the reality of modern organizations. But, leaders often spend a lot of time debating whether this year’s target should be something really specific, such as the possibly […]

The $7 Trillion Business Opportunity That Nobody is Talking About

“Well, we ran the numbers, and our bottom line is great: we’ve got a steady stream of sales. However, there’s an untapped market segment worth $7 trillion that we’ve decided to ignore, and will continue to ignore because it seems a little too challenging,” said no business leader ever. But then again, don’t we unconsciously […]

5 Ways to Move From Employee to Entrepreneur

How many times have you had drinks with colleagues after a long week and the following situation happens. You sit around a table of Buffalo wings and beer to discuss the latest celebrity debacle, who won the big game, and inevitably, complain about your job. Despite the normal topics of conversation, easily and expectedly, work […]

Canada Goose Celebrates Inuit Craftsmanship

First of its kind program showcases Inuit craftsmanship on global scale; donates 100% of Proceeds to Inuit Communities in Canada. Canada Goose has launched a new social entrepreneurship project for Canada’s North – Project Atigi. The first of its kind in Canada, Project Atigi was born in the North, created by the North and benefits the North. […]

Movies With a Message Make Impact Beyond Oscars Glitz

Three Academy Awards nominations were produced and financed by Participant Media, a pioneer among a group of companies aiming to advance social missions through movies. The movie “Green Book” explores racial inequality, “Roma” reveals the emotional toll placed on domestic workers, and “RBG” chronicles the fight for women’s rights. The messages in these three Academy […]

Do You Have The Courage, Honesty And Fun to be a Real Leader?

To borrow both from well-known thought leader John Kotter and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we surely have all the evidence we need that ‘our iceberg is melting.’ While the necessary behavioral changes to adapt are underway, progress is slow. Why? The answers are many and varied. One key strategy we possess that can […]

The Two-wheel Trend in Africa Turning Youth From Crime

It started with a chance encounter – stumbling across some second-hand BMX bikes from the U.S. in a shop in Nigeria. After throngs of young Nigerians watched some internet videos of their American counterparts performing tricks, a 1980s fad has spawned a burgeoning bike scene in the city’s capital, Lagos, that is helping to transcend […]

Migrants: Economic Meltdown or Boon For Your Business?

Demographics is the quantifiable study of populations based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, among others. It’s typically one of the slower moving forces of change, but as we look to the near future, demographics will become the most potent force of disruption. Demographic changes […]

Getting Beyond “Us Versus Them” in The Workplace

Our communities have increasingly become political enclaves. Places of worship, social organizations and exposure to media and social media all tend, more than not, to put us with people like ourselves. And, while it may be natural to gravitate toward people like ourselves, we’re increasingly falling into an “us versus them” mindset. We no longer […]

25 Immigrants And Refugees Who Made The World Great

Contrary to common political rhetoric, immigration does not represent a zero-sum game in which jobs, services, and resources consumed by immigrants result in fewer resources for taxpayers and working-class citizens. It’s a fact that immigrants open businesses at higher rates than their U.S.-born counterparts do; many bring large amounts of capital to invest in the […]

Tech Startup Gives Workers The Tools to Report Supply Chain Slavery

Giving staff the tools to report workplace abuses, including forced labour, should improve data for brands that are striving to ensure their products are slavery-free, a tech startup said. From texts and calls to messaging apps and social media, technology could encourage workers to share issues anonymously. That would give companies a better understanding of the risk of […]

70 Years Later, a Classified Ad Still Changing Lives

Ann Greenberg could never have imagined the impact of the two-line classified ad she placed on July 9, 1948, in the New York Post. It literally changed lives. Greenberg, whose son Jerry had developmental delays, placed the ad which read: “To mothers of retarded children, ages, 4-8: Are you interested in helping to start a day […]

Blind Skateboarder Dan Mancina on His New Vision For The World

Dan Mancina cannot visually make out a ledge or ramp but that doesn’t stop him from tackling them on a skateboard. The American has just 5% vision but, with the use of a cane, he has continued to perform some of the tricks he revelled in before losing his sight. Mancina was just 13 when a […]

20 Things We Wish We Had Known 20 Years Ago

These words of wisdom – based on our successes, failures, experiences, yearnings and hopes – come from women alumnae of Brown University. With hope that they inspire you to take action as you build your life and career, we share them with you today… Show, don’t tell Know what you can control, and what you can’t […]

T-shirts To Make You Eat Your Words

The next time you say something offensive in public, beware – Amanda Brinkman may put it on a T-shirt. German-born Brinkman moved with her family to Los Angeles as a child and has always looked for attention. During the 2016 presidential debates, she found it. After hearing Donald Trump call Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” […]

12 Cultural Practices You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Each year a special UNESCO committee meets to evaluate cultural norms from around the world that are put forward for consideration for a list like no other – The Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The list is made up of intangible heritage elements that demonstrate the diversity of that particular heritage raises […]

New Film Exposes Child Sex-trafficking In America

I am Jane Doe, is a powerful new documentary film that chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their under-age daughters who were bought and sold for sex on, the adult classifieds section that for years was part of the iconic Village Voice. Reminiscent of Erin Brockovich and Karen […]

What the Nonprofit Sector Needs to Reach Its Full Potential

The nonprofit sector has limbs. It has fingers that reach into the most neglected corners of society, forearms that lead large national chapter and affiliate organizations, legs made up of the nation’s foundations and massive individual donor base that fund it and help it to move. It has blood pumping through its veins – 10 […]

Gender Pay Gap Means Women in UK “Work for Free” Until Year End

Women in Britain will effectively work for free from Thursday until the end of the year because of the disparity in earnings with their male colleagues, a leading women’s rights group said. Overall, women in Britain were paid 13.9 percent less than men in 2016, a slight improvement on the previous year when the average […]

My Lessons on Women at a Male-dominated Conference in Dubai

Since 2012, the United Nations has recognized October 11 as ‘International Day of the Girl,’ in an effort to improve the health, education, and well being of women and girls everywhere. The magnificence and irony of this day, for me, was recently highlighted by the message I heard in Dubai on October 11, 2016 while […]

It’s TED Time Again: Technology, Entertainment and Design

TED has always been the birthplace of ideas that impact the global village. TED talks have been seen more than 3.5 billion times, and nothing inspires quite like them. Started as a 4-day conference in California 30 years ago, TED has grown worldwide to support world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives with talks ranslated into 93 languages. TED fans are just about […]

Stop Telling Women What to do or Wear

This summer my mother read one of the great classics of Spainish XIXth century literature: “La Regenta” by Leopoldo Arias Clarín. Over this same period, I watched Lena Dunham’s award-winning series “Girls”. The two of us have spent a few late evenings, chatting and comparing notes on the two, in Madrid’s sweltering heat. Meanwhile, the international media have spent all […]

Are Tech Companies Deaf?

Imagine you’re sitting in the audience where the Nobel prizes are being awarded. This year, the prize for physics is being awarded to an obscure French genius who has discovered the algorithm that runs the universe. Just suppose it has been described as the greatest scientific discovery in all history. Now imagine the physicist, who is […]

‘Equity’ Review: Women on Wall Street – A Financial Thriller

Equity is about women on Wall Street. It’s a Wall Street drama, but it’s not about corruption, crime, or catastrophe. It’s about women who thrive on competition and ambition, deals and strategy, but who must carefully calibrate every aspect of their lives, professional and private, to stay equal in the game.  Sarah Auerbach Ifrah attended […]

Anne Hathaway Announced as UN Goodwill Ambassador

UN Women, the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, today announced the appointment of American award-winning actor Anne Hathaway as global Goodwill Ambassador. A long-standing supporter of women’s and girls’ rights, Ms. Hathaway will put the spotlight on the issue of the unequal burden of care work in the […]

6 Things You Can Do for Gender Equality in 2016

Think you can’t do anything about gender inequality in the workplace? Stop thinking and take action! Here are 6 things (some easier than others) we can all do either individually or as an organization to support gender equality in the workplace in 2016. Talk about the gender gap in terms of expected behavior. Sheryl Sandberg and […]

Do Female CEOs Outperform Men? There Aren’t Enough To Say

The television segment was less than 60 seconds but it was enough to capture my full attention and interesting enough that it prompted many of my extended family to alert me to its existence. At the end of Alan Kohler’s regular Finance Report, broadcast during the ABC 7pm News, last night he showed a remarkable […]

Beauties and the Beasts – Why I Advocate for Women

A lot of people ask me why am I such an advocate for women in leadership. My answer is “science.”  For over 30 years I have worked with inspiring mentors and partners like Stephen Covey attempting to convert the world’s leadership class to becoming conscious capitalists. It didn’t work. Oh, I know that efforts such as […]

If You Could Change the World What Would You Do?

You are changing the world. One way or the other what you do matters. That’s what I remind every member of every audience I speak to, every person I coach and frankly every person who will listen. We are all connected… this is not some cosmic, New Age drivel but rather the evidence of brain […]

L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO Defend the Role of Women in Science

Five leading women scientists and 15 promising young researchers were honoured on 25 March at the Sorbonne University in Paris where the launch of the For Women in Science Manifesto was held. Already signed by each guest present at the Ceremony, this Manifesto aims to tackle the under-representation of women in the sciences.  For the past 18 years, the L‘Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program has […]

Why are so Many Women Leaving Their Jobs?

It’s a man’s world. That’s not just a song, it’s a reality. And it makes it tough on women who excel in most workplaces. That’s why record numbers of younger women abandon the workplace between ages 30 to 40. It’s true. Research from the McKinsey Global Instituteconfirms that 30% of female employees who have worked for […]

Ezra Jack Keats: The Grandfather of Diversity in Children’s Literature

Ezra Jack Keats, the acclaimed author-illustrator of The Snowy Day, which broke the color barrier in mainstream children’s literature, would have turned 100 on 11 March. He died in 1983, aged 67. His 1962 classic, with its protagonist a little African American boy in an iconic red snowsuit, was instantly embraced across social and racial boundaries. It was […]

LGBT Advertising: How Brands are Taking a Stance on Issues

Marketing entails more than reaching the right consumer with the right message at the right time. New data from Google and YouTube shows that messages about diversity and equality for the LGBT community have widespread impact, and brands such as Burger King and Honey Maid are leading the way. Nothing is simple when it comes […]

Beyond Charity: The Biggest Impact Is Business With A Heart

“People think that running a non-profit is easy,” says Vicki Escarra, Global CEO of Opportunity International. “Like something you do when you retire, kick back and work a couple of days a week. But the reality is: it’s very tough.” Escarra knows all about tough: she was promoted to chief marketing officer of global operations […]

We Need Women To Lead Like Women – Not Men

If you are a working woman I am talking to you. I believe that we need a new generation of women leaders who are skilled in working with male leaders to create a world of sustainable abundance. I am convinced that it’s not enough to put a few more women in senior positions. We need […]

World leaders agree: We must close the gender gap

On Sunday some 80 world leaders convened at the United Nations to personally commit to ending discrimination against women by 2030 and announce concrete and measurable actions to kick-start rapid change in their countries. The event marks a historic first, with pledges delivered by Heads of State and Government. No other single issue is to receive […]

How Men and Women Can Co-Create Unexpected Value

Tonight I’m giving a speech to a group of senior executives on the strategic advantage of men and women working together. This is new territory, and new thinking for most male leaders. The current drive to elevate more women into leadership is largely driven by the pressure to be politically correct.  It is, after all, […]

Now Women CAN Win

Fund Athena… that’s the name of a new venture aimed at getting tens of millions of investment dollars in the hands of women business leaders with great ideas. It’s about time. For the most part women-lead businesses have been starved for capital. Only 2.7% of venture capital is invested in women-led or owned businesses. Yet, […]

How to Create a Women-Friendly Workplace

Last night I served on a panel discussion in front of hundreds of women working for a well-known global tech company. I gave them three specific habits designed to evolve their culture to a higher state. (More on that in a minute.) The challenge topic was “How can women better support each other in the […]

The Return on Investment of Gender Balanced Leadership

Many strong arguments have been made by authors Gerzema, Sandberg, Grant, Herman, and others for an increase in the number of women in business leadership roles, including at board, C-suite, and general management levels. But here are the simple, research-based facts: Women make companies smarter. Women make companies more profitable. Companies with more women outperform those with fewer women across a range of […]

Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel: Building Love, Breaking Barriers

Nelson Mandela left us in 2013, but his wife, Graça Machel, remains an endearing symbol of his generous spirit and leadership. She’s still hard at work in Africa, promoting a vision she shared with Mandela – that we can achieve anything when we work collectively rather than individually. Graça Machel has played an historic role […]

The Future of Gender Diversity

Three prominent female leaders from across the globe offer their views on the role of diversity and how it might shape future development in their regions. 1. Erica Pedruzzi Member of the Board of Directors, C4B Compliance for Business, Argentina What is your personal view on the role of diversity in the South American region currently […]

Newborn Girls to Achieve Gender Equality by Age 81

Progress for women in the past 20 years has been unacceptably slow, with areas of stagnation and regression. This is the conclusion of an authoritative global review of progress on gender equality, to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will present to […]

African Women Can Transform The Continent

African women can and will be agents of change for the continent’s transformation at all levels. This was the message delivered by the African Development Bank’s Special Envoy on Gender (SEOG), Geraldine J. Fraser-Moleketi, during a Pre-Summit Ministerial Consultative Meeting on Gender that took place on January 20-22 ahead of the 24th Summit of the African Union […]

Emma Watson: Are You Man Enough For Equality?

Since the HeForShe launch in New York last September I think it would be fair to say that my colleagues and I have been stunned by the response. The HeForShe conference was watched over 11 million times, sparking 1.2 billion social media conversations, culminating in the HeForShe hashtag becoming so popular that Twitter painted it […]

Can You Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard Than Self-Interest?

Business is bad. I am not referring to financial performance but rather moral performance. Capitalism is amoral. It has no intrinsic moral agenda. You can start an enterprise that makes boatloads of money selling cigarettes or selling treatments for the lung cancer it causes.  Actually both these business models are currently thriving. And as far […]

Empowerment Through Change and Perseverance

Step into the shoes of an Ecuadorian women living in a small community in the Andes Mountains. It’s a Wednesday and wake up call is at 4:00 am. The sun is still a bit drowsy; the Earth and the people slowly arise for the day’s activities. With a family of growling stomachs your responsibility as […]

How To Disrupt the Tech World

What is your image of an inventor or innovator? A man alone in a lab? Increasing evidence shows most innovation comes from two or more people… one of whom might even be a woman! We stereotype innovators as men and mainly in STEM* products. A quick quiz – who invented the following: the circular saw, COBOL and […]

How To Inspire Young Social Entrepreneurs

Besides a lot of creative energy, young people bring valuable skills to the table – particularly digital and social networking capabilities. This can be great boon to any growing enterprise. But only a small proportion of high school students around the world have access to entrepreneurship education, let alone education in social entrepreneurship. When young […]

How Women Will Save Us All

Female executives have never imagined life would get easier for them, but lingering financial uncertainty across our ever more interconnected markets may just provide the last little push they need to get ahead–if they dare to. A longstanding argument against women in power has been that men have done just fine without them. They’ve been […]

Gender Intelligence: Integrating Masculine and Feminine

Many traditions have as a model, the power of the integration of the masculine and feminine. In the Chinese tradition, Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine) are seen as forces that when brought together, become a natural whole. In the Hindu tradition, Shakti is the goddess of the feminine and Shiva the god of the […]

The Only Way for Women to Win

Something terrible is happening to women who work. I deal with it constantly because I coach men and women executives who work in large corporations. It gives me a front row seat that allows me to closely look at what really works for women to rise in leadership and influence and still like their lives.  […]