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How Science Is Making Your Stockpiled Food Last Longer

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken almost every corner of society. From a sinking stock market and rising unemployment to the broken healthcare system and governmental failures, the impact has been widespread. One industry that has been immune to the effects of the pandemic is agriculture. IRI and Nielsen numbers for the week ending March 14-15 saw […]

Experts Question Wisdom That More Food Means Less Hunger

Increasing food production through intensive farming will not necessarily end world hunger, experts said on Thursday in a finding that flies in the face of established policy. The United Nations has said countries must double the productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers by 2030 to eliminate hunger and ensure all people have access to […]

Rebooting Food: Finding New Ways to Feed The Future

Banana trees that fit inside a test tube. Burgers made without a cow in sight. Fish farmed in the desert. Robots picking fruit. Welcome to the brave new world of food, where scientists are battling a global time-bomb of climate change, water scarcity, population growth and soaring obesity rates to find new ways to feed […]

Soup, Beer & Soap From Food Waste? Dutch Shoppers Say Yes

“We sold about 700 items in one week. It’s double what we sell for organic products” First it was a supermarket aisle free of plastics, now the Netherlands has notched up another novel solution in its fight against waste and pollution – products made with food that otherwise would be chucked in the bin. Soups […]

Flower Power Helps Heal The Violence in Baltimore

“I’m an urban change warrior,” says Walker Marsh of Baltimore, who uses vacant lots in the inner city to grow high-quality flowers, herbs and vegetables. The tall, soft-spoken urban farmer is sitting on the floor, gluing sunflower petals to a discarded stop sign with childlike wonder. Baltimore is not known for its softness, and you […]

Hunger Uptick in Africa Can be Reversed

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva has expressed optimism that the recent uptick in global hunger levels will be reversed and that Zero Hunger remains attainable – but added that doing so will depend on boosting the resilience of communities in Africa, where current hunger trends are particularly worrying. The most recent UN global report on world […]

Farm Grows ‘Organic’ Returns for Impact Investors

It’s tough to find a better example of environmental stewardship and sustainable use than organic farming. Indeed, the responsible growth of food that sustains us is pretty much the ideal picture of what the impact investing ethos is, and aims to be. With only an estimated 1 percent of farmland in the United States certified […]

Kate Hudson And Michael Kors Fight Hunger in Cambodia

World Food Day is today and luxury ready-to-wear designer Michael Kors is dedicating the month to new products and activities designed to support Watch Hunger Stop, the brand’s campaign to fight global hunger. His friend, Kate Hudson, is supporting him. Now in its 5th year, Watch Hunger Stop raises funds and awareness to help achieve […]

Food Grown in Sahara Desert with Sea Water

With scorching summer temperatures and little rainfall, the barren scrublands around the port of Aqaba in Jordan, one of the world’s most arid countries, might seem ill suited to cultivating cucumbers. Yet a Norwegian company is planning to set up a solar-powered, 20 hectare (50 acre) facility that promises to grow a variety of vegetables […]

US$2.3 Trillion by 2030 From New Business Models in Food & Agriculture

New research shows sustainable business models could generate 80 million jobs by unlocking opportunities across 14 areas, including food waste, low-income markets, aquaculture and urban agriculture. There’s a reason why Real Leaders is a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – it makes financial and ethical sense. The 17 goals to transform our world […]

Eat Your Food Packaging, Don’t bin it – Scientists

Scientists are developing an edible form of packaging which they hope will preserve food more effectively and more sustainably than plastic film, helping to cut both food and plastic waste. The packaging film is made of a milk protein called casein, scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture said at a meeting of the American […]

Immigrants Find A Path to Your Heart: Through Your Stomach

Is it Greek? Is it Filipino? Is it Brazilian? Is it Middle Eastern? Is it Senegalese? Visit Mazi Mas restaurant in London and you’d be forgiven for being just a little confused over the style of food being served. That’s because entrepreneur Nikandre Kopke has decided that female immigrants from around the world deserve a […]