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It’s Time to Give Grief the Attention It Deserves

Bereavement is defined as a period of intense grief, especially following the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, society has no respect for those grieving. Society views grief as something to get over, like the flu.  After a few days, and the griever is expected to function as if life hadn’t shattered into a million […]

Mental Health Challenges for Executives: Do You Display These Symptoms?

While deeply fulfilling, establishing and growing a business poses grave dangers for your mental health as an entrepreneurial executive. During the expansion stage, a founder will often face brutally long workweeks, pressure from different sources to manage the startup while raising funding, and the stress of having to make many decisions — all at the […]

Warriors Heart, an Integrative Approach to Addiction and PTSD Recovery

PODCAST PEOPLE: A Summary from the Real Leaders Podcast “That’s a big part in behavioral health care or Social Capitalism or social consciousness—with businesses, we can’t forget about the people aspect of it. Yes, the balance sheet’s important. But you and me are what make the balance sheet. It’s not balance sheet run or profit […]

The Opioid Epidemic in America: Unwelcome in Addiction, Unwelcome in Recovery

Many individuals suffering from addiction experience stigma associated with their disease. Stigma also exists within the culture of addiction treatment and community recovery support groups. In this story, stigma related to medication support in recovery illustrates how contempt prior to investigation can be fatal and yields unhealthy exclusivity to a rich recovery cultural heritage. (Names […]

Using Super Foods to Transform Lives

PODCAST PEOPLE: A Summary of the Real Leaders Podcast “I think it really came through my personal journey. And I realized, I want to help people, I want to help people make the right choices, and I want to help millions of people that maybe just don’t know better like me. I didn’t know better, […]

Has This Pandemic Changed How You View Time?

“What is a week-end?” As the humorous line in British series Downton Abbey reminds us, the Industrial Revolution brought about more than machines: it fundamentally altered how society perceived time on a mass level. Weekends came into existence. It was the start of clocking in and clocking out — of living by a clock with […]

Are You Angry? Embrace It and Transform It!

Just a few weeks ago, we believed that Covid-19 and its economic consequences would be the most significant events of 2020. Yet, we didn’t foresee the massive, countrywide protests triggered by police brutality and systemic racism. It’s left many people feeling frustrated and angry.  When confronting these events, many people are emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed […]

3 Ways a Mental ‘Road Map’ Can Manifest Your Success

For an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and success coach Sheryl Grant, transformational leadership through personal development and community building is the name of the game. She’s built her success on three visualizations that can apply to any CEO or entrepreneur. Here are her mental strategies for breaking through tough times. A Ms. Olympia, beyond the age […]

Leaders: Better Sleep Equals Better Life During COVID-19

A recent report from Express Scripts, a prescription benefit plan provider, confirmed that the use of anti-insomnia medications has spiked. Filled prescriptions increasing by 21% between February and March 2020, and those numbers peaked during the week of March 15 — the same week, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and the US […]

Good News: How to Break The Chain of Negative Emotions You May be Feeling

Today the world finds itself in an unprecedented situation. The anxiety, depression, and psychosis triggered by the constant stream of negative news around COVID-19 are now as detrimental to our health as the coronavirus itself. And they are spreading faster than the virus, too, burrowing through our lives until it seems we will never be able […]

Why Our Brain Causes Us to Be Underprepared for Major Disruptions

Editors Note: Real Leaders is making its archive of magazines freely available to all visitors to our website as part of our contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe you’ll emerge stronger and wiser when this crisis passes, and we hope our stories will keep you entertained and inspired while we sit out this challenging time. Sign […]

US Surgeon General: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, and Longer Life

Loneliness is a root cause and contributor to many of the epidemics sweeping the world today, from alcohol and drug addiction to violence, depression, and anxiety.  As America’s Doctor, Dr. Vivek Murthy called the nation’s attention to critical public health issues, including the opioid epidemic, e-cigarettes, and emotional health and well-being. He argues that loneliness is […]

Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad

“Tell me to what you pay attention to, and I will tell you who you are.” — José Ortega y Gassett, Spanish philosopher Your attention is one of the most valuable things you possess, which is why everyone wants to steal it from you. First, you must protect it, and then you must point it […]

The Coronavirus is Cause For Introspection Not Further Infection

What does it feel like when Earth is temporarily closed for business? In a world of chaos, is getting united via the coronavirus the best we can do? Here at Synchronistory, our music-inspired, televisionary “B’earthday” Party for the Planet is still a ways off, but the message is clear that the world is always close […]

5 Ways Your Business Can Respond to The Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, is not only a global health crisis, it’s also affecting trade and the global economy. Its impact is growing and will be felt in both the short and the long term. All sectors of society have been affected by the outbreak — including the international business community. As […]

Why Love is a Word That Doesn’t Scare Great Leaders

Many words make professionals in positions of leadership uncomfortable; accountability, feedback, or coaching. And yet, as distressing as those words may be, there is still one word that they can’t imagine ever using at work — love. It turns out that this complicated four-letter word is a critical element of effective leadership.   What I found […]

Opioids: Either America Changes, or we Change America

“A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.” — Martin Luther King Jr., March 8, 1965 How we choose to act once we know what’s […]

How to Party With A Purpose This Holiday Season

Two years ago, Box, which helps businesses collaborate and manage content in the cloud, had a revelation about their holiday party. Sure, it was fun to dress up fancy, meet co-workers’ “plus ones,” and consume appetizers and cocktails, but was this really the best use of the company’s resources and their employees’ time? The top […]

Know Your Rock Bottom: A Lesson in Self-Awareness

I remember my rock bottom. I was standing outside an old church in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The church was locked. It was the middle of the winter, it was cold, and snow was on the ground. I paced slowly to keep warm, and my weathered North Face jacket did its best to keep the […]

You Can’t Spell Health Without Heal

What does it take to turn courageous ambition and bold dreams into reality? Perseverance and a will to forge ahead in the face of life’s inevitable obstacles are some solutions. In line with our mission to celebrate success and inspire others to persist in achieving their goals, we highlight Sylvia Feliciano, a global trailblazer changing […]

8 Simple Strategies to Avoid Leadership Burnout

Are you experiencing work overwhelm? Or even full-blown burnout? You’re not alone. Today, a whopping two out of three full-time workers are wrestling with burnout, according to a recent Gallup study. To boot, the World Health Organization (WHO) now classifies work-related burnout as a “syndrome” and an “occupational phenomenon.” But what does that mean in the real world? […]

My Summer Journey of Change

There is so much goodness in this world. I have just been on a two-month adventure through 10 American States — and what I witnessed were people helping others, laughter, some concern, and the most beautiful natural places I have ever seen.  Zion Utah and Bryce Canyon topped that list. We walked trails that twisted around snow-filled […]

How to Trick Your Audience into Listening to You

SPEAKING WITH IMPACT Each week, speech coach and leadership mentor James Rosebush will answer a question on how to improve your public speaking. Last week we had a great response to a reader’s question about what to do if you are on the platform and people in the audience start using their cellphones.  This must […]

World’s Largest Collection of Celebrity Mental Health Stories Aims to Heal

Supportiv, a support network that matches users with peers for anonymous, real-time chats on any mental wellness topic – from everyday life struggles, anxiety, stress and relationship or work conflicts to grief and loneliness – has launched the world’s largest collection of celebrity mental health stories at on their website. “We typically see only bits and pieces of […]

Historic Opioid Legislation Passed

On 28 September the U.S. House of Representatives passed historic, comprehensive legislation in a vote of 393-8 that creates new resources and better policies to help the millions of patients and families impacted by substance use disorder. Now that both Chambers have approved the final version, the package will be sent to the President’s desk […]

How to Run an Eco-friendly Company in a Demanding Marketplace

As we face the daily effects of climate change, overconsumption and the questioning of whether our industrialized world is sustainable, I was grateful to be asked to give my thoughts on the subject. As the CEO and Founder of a natural cleaning products company for the past 23 years, I have certainly gone through many […]

The Economics of Pain: America’s Opioid Epidemic

Pain is one of nature’s strongest forces. Pain makes the hand recoil at the flame and provides the instinct to duck when a rock is heading your way. Pain is also one of the most bedeviling forces in nature. Ancient people understood pain when they could see a gash or crooked finger. If pain was […]

Is Your Pet Prepared For The Next Natural Disaster?

You have insurance on your house and vehicle, an emergency grab-bag and a hurricane bunker stocked with supplies, great. But what about your pets? A 2018 survey conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital has revealed that 91% of pet owners are not prepared for the next natural disaster. In advance of hurricane season, and in honor […]

Americans Plan to Avoid Sugar, Eat More Sustainably in 2018

  A national consumer survey of 1,023 Americans conducted by Wakefield Research on eating habits in 2018, found that most (67%) Americans will be prioritizing healthy or socially-conscious food purchases in 2018.   Their primary point of emphasis is cutting back on sugars, with nearly half of consumers (47%) planning to eat less sugar or […]

Changing Communities, One Healthy Meal at a Time

Getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes made Chad Cherry abruptly rethink his relationship with food. He took the increased risks of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke so seriously that he decided to become a chef, to learn how to combat the poor diet he’d become accustomed to. Amazingly, the hospital that treated him […]

Is Porn at Work Fueling the #MeToo Movement?

Who could have predicted that when the New York Times broke the story in early October about Harvey Weinstein’s sexually abusive behavior, it would unleash a tsunami of complaints against some of the world’s most powerful men, many of whom have since been forced to resign? The list reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood […]

Tom Petty: Another Celebrity Lost to Opioids

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner established that chart-topping singer and songwriter Tom Petty’s death on Oct. 2, 2017, was from an accidental drug overdose. He suffered drug toxicity from the mixture of benzodiazepines (“benzos” or sedative-hypnotics), an antidepressant and opioids that caused cardiac arrest and multisystem organ failure. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a […]

From Heroin to Hope Dealer

“But Dad, you’re a successful drug addict.” Those words spoken by my teenage son, Nick, chilled me to the bone. The charade I’d lived for more than a decade was crumbling. My son was following in my footsteps, using a drug that could kill us both. I need to do something before one of us […]

Nearly 21 Million People Now Have Access to HIV Treatment

About 20.9 million people now have access to the antiretroviral therapy, according to a new report by the UN agency leading the global push to end AIDS, spotlighting that this remarkable progress has been made possible by people living with HIV demanding their rights, strong leadership and financial commitment. “People, no matter what their health […]

‘Aqua Kale’ Being Grown in Middle East Desert

Global Food Industries (GFI) aims to produce around 24 tons of ‘Aqua Kale’ each year on water in the middle of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) desert.  The farm uses 100% recycled water, helping produce up to 25% more food with the same water source compared with conventional methods. According to a Frost and Sullivan […]

The NFL Teams up to Promote Youth Health And Wellness

The NFL, USA Football, youth fundraising network GENYOUth and in-school nutrition program Fuel Up to Play 60, have announced the expansion of the NFL FLAG-In-Schools Program, which aims to increase physical activity of youth by providing flag football resources to underserved communities. Since 2014, the partners’ efforts have resulted in 4.3 million students becoming more active before, during and […]

After the Hurricane: Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy

Millions of people in Florida were forced to evacuate their homes before Hurricane Irma made landfall last weekend, and many brought their pets with them. As people prepare to return to their homes, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is encouraging pet owners to take steps to ensure the health and well-being of their pets, in what […]

The Iron Fish That Will Make You Stronger

Iron deficiency affects nearly two billion people. That’s one-third of the world’s population. Your body needs iron to function and is an essential nutrient that helps your vital organs get the oxygen they need. Signs of iron deficiency include pale skin, general fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. A 300-year-old Chinese practice of […]

Healthy Eating is Key to Our Productivity

Healthy eating habits may preserve cognitive function and reduce the risk of dementia. A group of U.S. scientists have found that, among nearly 6,000 older adults in a Health and Retirement Study, those who consistently followed diets long known to contribute to cardiovascular health were also more likely to maintain strong cognitive function in old […]

Effective Leaders Don’t Forget to Move

Humans are made to move. This is clear by the huge number of benefits exercise has for mind and body. “There is a linear relation between physical activity and health status; an increase in physical activity and fitness directly improves your health status,” says Dr Craig Nossel, head of Discovery Vitality Wellness in South Africa. […]

Is Porn Immoral? That Doesn’t Matter: It’s a Public Health Crisis

The science is now beyond dispute. Last month, the Republican-led Utah House of Representatives became the first legislative body in the United States to pass a resolution declaring pornography “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” The liberal backlash criticized the measure as an antiquated bit of […]

Here’s What Happens When Luxury Meets Inner Beauty

Diagnosed with cancer, Annee De Mamiel develops a range of oils and balms to offset the effects of her treatment. Multiple qualifications in Chinese traditional medicine, combined with a desire to treat her illness as naturally as possible, result in a beauty product with the highest levels of purity she can find. Intent, meaning and […]

If Your Food Could Talk, What Would It Tell You?

A young parent sees no innovation or healthy alternatives in the depressing baby food market around him. He sees no reason why toddlers shouldn’t eat the same healthy, organic food as their parents. Knowing he’s not alone, he becomes a leader among a nation of parents seeking better nutrition for their kids – in the […]

Why is Everyone Eating Chia Seeds?

An ancient seed used by the Mayans and Aztecs inspires an entrepreneur to develop a new range of beverages and snacks. Janie Hoffman created a demand for her products before customers even knew what chia seeds were, and before she even had a guaranteed supply. The company tagline “Seed Your Soul” wants to demonstrate that […]