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"We've seen what 50% of our human capacity can accomplish. Visualize what 100% can do" - Warren Buffett


Fearless Girl Confronts Bull, Then Moves To Wall Street

Fearless Girl is a bronze sculpture by artist Kristen Visbal, that was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), a large asset management company 2017, in anticipation of International Women’s Day that year. The statue shows a girl four foot high, and represents female empowerment. Symbolically, it stands across from the New York Stock Exchange […]

Why We Need the Leading Women of Tomorrow to Achieve Gender Equality

Today, women comprise 51% of the United States population but hold only 24% of the seats in Congress. The disproportionately low representation of the women’s perspective has inevitably had drastic implications on the protection of women’s rights and the direction of policy on issues including equal pay, domestic violence, and access to adequate reproductive health […]

The New $1.5 Trillion Shadow Pandemic: Violence Against Women And Girls

With more than 90 countries in lockdown, four billion people are now sheltering at home from the COVID-19 virus. It’s a protective measure, but it brings another deadly danger. According to UN Women, we are now seeing a shadow pandemic growing — one of violence against women. As more countries report infections and lockdown, increasing […]

International Women’s Day: A look Into The Workplace Reality

International Women’s Day has had a long history, with women worldwide fighting for their rights — from as early as 1911. A lot has changed since then but much still remains to be done, especially in the workplace. Consumer survey company Piplsay conducted a nationwide survey to find out if workplaces have changed for the […]

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Leadership

A lot of women who are rising in their careers worry they’ll have to choose between being a great mother and being a great employee, should they decide to have children. Many women think they need to achieve their career goals before motherhood, as they’re afraid they’ll plateau once they procreate. I know — I […]

Women Can Spacewalk. But Can They Cross the Gender Line?

All nine recently announced 2019 Nobel science laureates were male, despite a significant and growing cohort of female contenders. Nor is women’s contribution to science a recent phenomenon. Ada Lovelace devised the world’s first computer program in 1840. Austrian physicist Lise Meitner led a small group of scientists who discovered nuclear fission. Soviet cosmonaut and […]

What Can The Women of Iceland Teach us About Leadership?

“Women of Iceland” is the first book of a trilogy featuring intimate photographs and personal interviews with courageous women stepping first to shape the frontier of a changed world. There is clearly something happening with the women of Iceland. From her Viking history to the famous strike of 1975 and hosting the globe’s first democratically […]

Top 10 Women CEOs Under 40 You’ve Probably Never Heard of

There are many CEOs who have decades of experience and are worthy of this list, but I haven’t included them here. Instead, I have chosen 10 female CEOs who are under 40 who are already displaying the traits of an executive well beyond their years. Here are my top 10 CEOs under forty that you’ve […]