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The Ray: Turning Idle Roadside land into Laboratories of Innovation

The Ray Highway, an 18-mile stretch of the I-85 in Georgia, is furthering a transportation revolution. A configuration of 2,600 high efficiency solar panels at Exit 14 are maximizing the potential of right-of-way land with a megawatt of renewable energy.  “Right-of-way” (ROW) areas are roadside lands owned by state departments of transportation (DOTs). They stretch […]

Community Solar is Creating an Energy Revolution

PODCAST PEOPLE: A Summary from the Real Leaders Podcast “We’ve impacted a lot of people’s lives in a very positive way, and we’re proud of all of that. But what we’re most proud of is the team that we’ve built. And I think a real leader is someone who consistently inspires the best in others […]

MPOWERD Launches New Solar Bike Light

The solar light accessory company revealed its latest consumer product for eco-friendly bikers. MPOWERD CEO Seungah Jeong and Founder John Salzinger have launched their latest Luci light in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the first-ever modular Solar Bike Light. They are bringing clean energy to clean transportation. The Luci Bike Light is an innovative take […]

The Electricity-generating Bikes of Guatemala

Carlos Marroquin has shown that bicycles are good for much more than just transport. The Guatemalan inventor, inspired by the complexity of these two-wheeled contraptions, met representatives of PedalCanada, an organization that promotes bicycles as a way of helping local communities, especially widows affected by the armed conflict in Central America. Marroquin saw more potential […]

A View of Innovation – Smart Glass

Sometimes the opportunity for innovation is in plain sight. Have you ever considered how much is spent in real estate to feature picture-perfect views and install crystal-clear glass windows – only to have occupants miss those amazing views due to the heat and glare that also comes through? Window coverings are purchased at an additional […]

Barcelona to The Eiffel Tower For $50 on Methane

What is the fuel cost to drive from Barcelona to Paris? Antonio Calvo, Head of Sustainable Mobility at Spanish car manufacturer SEAT, gets behind the wheel of a SEAT Leon 1.5 TGI to take on the more than 620 mile drive and calculate how much it costs to get there. The catch? Calvo is attempting the trip in a […]

Electric Race Cars: Learning to Drive All Over Again

A socket, a battery weighing almost half a tonne and 200 kilos of dry ice every day in the box at the race track. These are some of the features that have emerged with the rise of electric race cars, and the new models have completely changed the way racing teams do their work.   […]

Lamborghini’s Latest Innovation: A Bicycle

Want a Lamborghini but not the guilt of destroying the environment? Automobili Lamborghini has signed a partnership with Italtechnology to develop the first range of E-Bikes bearing the Lamborghini name.   In keeping with Lamborghini tradition, the battery powered E-Bikes are masterpieces of advanced technology, aimed at an exclusive and demanding clientele. Conceived, designed, and built entirely in […]

Pope Francis Puts His Faith in Electric Racing Cars

His Holiness Pope Francis welcomed Formula E drivers to the Eternal City for the first-ever E-Prix in Rome on April 14. Pope Francis welcomed the drivers competing in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to his residence in Santa Marta ahead of the first-ever E-Prix on the streets of Rome. Alongside Founder & CEO of […]

Volvo Premiers First All-Electric Truck

Hot on the heels of Tesla, Volvo Trucks has introduced its first all-electric truck for commercial use – the Volvo FL Electric. Mainly targeted at urban areas, it’s ideally suited to cargo transport at night and early mornings, due to its low noise output. “We’re immensely proud to present the first in a range of fully electrically-powered Volvo trucks ready for regular traffic. […]

UPS Deploys First Electric Trucks to Rival Fuel Vehicles

UPS has announced that it plans to deploy 50 plug-in electric delivery trucks that will be comparable in acquisition cost to conventional-fueled trucks without any subsidies – an industry first that is breaking a key barrier to large scale fleet adoption. The company is collaborating with Workhorse Group, Inc.(NASDAQ:WKHS) to design the vehicles from the ground […]

Watch: Formula E Car vs. Cheetah. Which is Quicker?

Formula E goes wild in a race against a cheetah to highlight the impact of climate change on endangered species. The fully-electric Formula E car took a walk on the wild side, lining-up against a cheetah in a head-to-head race to highlight the impact of climate change on a species increasingly under threat. Both sleek […]

New Truck Can Transform Into a Robot, Fight Aliens and Make One Hell of a Latte

The Tesla Semi, launched by Elon Musk, will deliver a far better experience for truck drivers, while increasing safety and significantly reducing the cost of cargo transport.  Musk has described Tesla’s new battery-powered cargo vehicle as an “unreal beast” and is set to revolutionize the transport supply chain. Electric power is cheaper than conventional, fossil fuel and […]

Governments Scramble to Ban New Petrol Cars

First France, now the UK. When it comes to motoring, countries are queuing up to show off their environmental credentials. The British government has announced that new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned from 2040. The move follows hot on the heels of a similar announcement from France’s ecology minister with the […]

Is This the Tesla of Smart Watches?

A Swiss start-up has created the world’s first kinetic self-charging smart watch. After more than three years of intensive research and development, Swiss company, Sequent, has launched a smart watch with a breakthrough technology that may redefine the future of all smart devices. Launching on on 5 July 2017, the revolutionary “SuperCharger” hybrid smart watch contains a major breakthrough […]

Tesla’s New Solar Roof Can Make Money From The Sun

Elon Musk has just put your old, unemployed roof to work – by creating one that converts the suns rays into energy that will power your home. If you’re lucky, you may even earn some money from it. Innovative electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced the U.S. rollout of its glass, solar roof tiles, with worldwide orders expected to […]

The Liquid Energy Machine That Could Power our Future

“I am quite a passionate person,” admits Scott McGregor (above) when discussing the global ramifications for his large scale energy storage technology redT energy storage, “but I try to keep that under wraps.”  This might sound like a curious disposition for someone at the head of ushering in what promises to be nothing short of […]

Solar Energy Now Cheaper Than Oil, But Dirty Habits Die Hard

Solar power is becoming so cheap so fast that in Abu Dhabi it’s now less costly to produce a unit of energy from the sun than from oil, leading energy experts said this week. But that doesn’t mean a global switch to renewable energy will be inevitable or speedy, they told a London conference. Difficult […]

The World’s First Self-Charging Electric Folding Bike is Here

Vello Bike+, the world’s first self-charging electric folding bike which allows users to ride forever without needing to plug it in to a socket for a recharge, is a breakout hit on Kickstarter and trending fast having already raised more than €100,000 on the crowdfunding platform. The bike is the first self-charging electric folding bike […]

The Next Big Energy Opportunity: Safe Nuclear Power

Leslie Dewan  thinks it’s a really exciting time for the nuclear industry right now. But, isn’t the world trying to become more nuclear-free? Remember Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and more recently, the meltdown at Fukushima after that tsunami? Human error and natural disasters aside, there’s also significant public opposition to nuclear power in many countries. […]