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10 Websites You Can Visit to Learn Something New Every Day

The internet is chock full of distractive memes and social media black holes that suck us in and, before we know it, kill the little time we have in each day. But it’s also full of learning content — content that proves to be quite productive to read. We spend a lot of our time with our noses in […]

Forging the Way For Gender Equality Through Education

Room to Read has supported 95,000 girls through its girls’ education program, resulting in life-changing results and nearly 80 percent going on to tertiary education or employment. “In my personal life, I’m keenly aware that a family’s circumstances can change drastically over the course of a single generation, through the power of education,” says Geetha […]

Teachers Who Lead Find Ways to Make it Happen

It’s time to appreciate the complexity of equity, access, and innovation at the heart of education. There is no topic in American culture that is so mainstream yet so overlooked as the challenges of teachers to bring high-quality education to their students across America. Mainstream, because it is a critical, impassioned issue arguably more important […]

Oxford University Boosts Businesses That Put People Before Profit

The world-leading British university is seeking to maximize the impact of its academic research on the world. After decades of incubating science and engineering companies, Oxford University announced on Tuesday it is branching out to support businesses that put people before profit, seeking to maximise the impact of its academic research on the world. If […]

Lady Gaga Partners with Staples To Ease Burden on Teachers

Students today face not only academic challenges, but also the emotional challenges of stress brought on by negative classroom environments, according to data from a recent survey by the Sesame Workshop. In the survey, 86% of teachers and 70% of parents reported worrying that “the world is an unkind place for children.” In addition, teachers […]

Microsoft Announces Games to Prepare For Jobs of Tomorrow

This week Microsoft shared its aspirations and products to help students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, that includes the online phenomenon and virtual construction game Minecraft. CEO Satya Nadella and Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and Devices, have announced a new Windows experience – Windows 10 S, Microsoft Teams for a collaborative classroom, […]

How Long-term Thinking Leads To Sustainable Decisions

There is too much focus on short-term results in business today. Investors in the capital markets are driven by quarterly earnings, and this puts tremendous pressure on CEOs, especially those who run publicly-traded companies, to develop short-term strategies to return quarterly profits at the expense of sustainable solutions that are in the long-term interest of […]

UN Secondary Education Goals Will be Missed by 50 Years

The world is set to miss by more than half a century a deadline for ensuring all children receive secondary education, the United Nations has said, adding that 40 percent of pupils are being taught in a language that is not their mother tongue. World leaders agreed last year that by 2030 all girls and […]

What Job Was I Made For? Let’s Google it

Grown adults dangle from hanging chairs bolted to the ceiling. Young executives in T-shirts and jeans are barely visible inside giant, brightly-colored beanbags scattered on the floor, and a woman on a skateboard weaves through the desks while speaking on her mobile phone. The CEO arrives downstairs for a meeting by sliding out of a […]