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Will the Next Big City be Built Underwater?

PODCAST PEOPLE: A Summary from the Real Leaders Podcast “The flora and fauna of the planet are a natural resource bank account, and that bank account is going bankrupt. So we need to not only protect what’s left, but reinvest in that capital, so that we can live off the interest that it bears, rather […]

Dear Humans, We Need Your Help. Seriously

Let’s break free from plastics and recycle right. Senator Udall and Congressman Lowenthal announce monumental legislation to fix our waste in oceans crisis and make it possible for people to recycle right. Many of us are not only frustrated by the unnecessary confusion about recycling, but we’re distraught to learn that our recyclables are often […]

How Balfegó Tuna Can Help Executives Grow as Leaders

A few years ago, I began developing team-building and coaching programs around nature. I learned how animals and nature had a way of cutting through the masquerades of executives to allow more in-depth, more honest conversations. I’ve taken teams to mountains and horse ranches, but never to swim with 550 lbs tuna. Early this year, […]

The Plastic Pollution Solution

Two surfers are navigating uncharted waters to keep our oceans clean. When Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze planned a surfing trip to the legendary waves off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, they never imagined the impact this vacation would have. While Bali’s waves may have been just what these surfers had always dreamed of, Bali’s […]

Diving Belize’s Blue Hole: Logs From a Majestic Pit of Acid

In November of 2018 Aquatica Submarines shipped a three person submarine, Stingray 500, across frosty North America on the back of a truck then over the rolling winter seas of the Gulf of Mexico to Belize aboard the R/V Brooks McCall. Our destination was a site located 7 miles into Lighthouse Reef – a perfect sinkhole in […]

Rod Stewart Turns Into a Singing Turtle To Promote Clean Oceans

SodaStream International has unveiled a video campaign that focuses on the global damage caused by single-use plastic bottles. The video features a singing sea turtle calling on people to take responsibility and make the simple and meaningful life change of going reusable. The video acts as a metaphor for the green hills and blue oceans […]

SodaStream Builds Massive Device to Collect Ocean Plastic

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum has led 300 executives from around the world, local youth and environmental NGOs to clean the Caribbean Sea and the shores of Roatán island in the Honduras.  SodaStream International has launched the “Holy Turtle” – a massive ocean contraption designed to clean plastic waste from open waters. The innovative device will […]

World’s Largest 3-D Printed Reef Installed in Maldives

The world’s largest 3-D printed reef was submerged on 11 August at Summer Island in the Maldives, in what is hoped could be a new technology-driven method to help coral reefs survive a warming climate. The artificial reef, assembled with hundreds of ceramic and concrete modules, was submerged at Summer Island’s ‘Blue Lagoon’ – a sandy part […]

Fabien Cousteau: Leading Like Our Lives Depend on it

By the time Fabien Cousteau had assumed the self-bestowed title of guardian of the oceans, from his father Jean-Michel and grandfather Jacques, he felt no pressure to continue the family legacy – it was already something he wanted to do. Growing up in a somewhat unusual family and experiencing firsthand the thrill of discovery and […]

Heed The Ancient Mariner: Stop Dumping Plastic in The Ocean

In the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, the killing of an albatross was believed to have turned the fates against a ship in open water. “With my crossbow, I shot the Albatross,” confessed the ancient Mariner. Ruin, guilt, and pain followed. As we look across the oceans today, Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem looks prescient. […]

The Fashion Brand Made From Ocean Trash

If you want the best quality nylon in the world, stop by your local harbor and pick up an old fishing net. This is the finding of Spanish fashion entrepreneur Javier Goyeneche (pictured above), who in 2009 decided to ditch his mainstream fashion brand and look for inspiration in the trash floating around our oceans. […]

Biggest Reef in Americas Says “No!” to Offshore Oil

Belize has made history by unanimously passing the Petroleum Operations (Offshore Zone Moratorium) Bill, 2017 which will place an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil in Belize’s marine territory. This decision has been welcomed by Oceana, WWF, and other members of the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage as a landmark step forward to protect the Belize Barrier Reef […]

Sailing on an Ocean of Trash: Caribbean to Norway And Back

Three people journeyed across the globe to discover the health of our seas. The Zing Ocean Conservancy team members have an incredible passion for the ocean; the beauty of it, the diverse life, the roughness of the seas and what is yet to be explored. Unfortunately, what they found is that how we live today is not […]

“Shark Boy” Wants to Save the Creatures That Took his Leg

“I was in the wrong place at the right time,” says South African Achmat Hassiem, who lost his right leg to one of the oceans most feared predators, the great white shark. Amazingly, he now travels the world as a Global Sharks and Marine Guardian for the United Nations, convincing people that sharks are to […]

Surf Champions Lead Clean-up on Earth Day

Hawaiian big wave surfer, Kai Lenny, and freestyle kayaker, Dane Jackson, led a successful clean-up operation of their home waters in celebration of Earth Day. Saturday, 22 April, marks Earth Day, an event that has been on the calendar for nearly half-a-century. This year, it is focusing on environmental and climate literacy, and two athletes in […]

Young American Sailors Call for Action on Marine Pollution

Leading offshore sailors Charlie Enright and Mark Towill are sounding the alarm about the danger posed by marine debris and pollution, after recent research from the Ocean Conservancy estimated a staggering eight million tons of plastic trash is entering the ocean every year. The duo spent much of last year in the most remote waters […]

Plastic Soup: What Goes Into our Oceans Goes Into you

The ocean is Vincent Kneefel’s biggest passion and his mission is to make people fall in love with the oceans.  The Dutchman became a dive master and PADI instructor at the age of 18 and after seeing the extraordinary creatures and incredible marine life that live in our oceans, he decided to become an underwater […]

Dr. Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

“Health to the ocean means health for us.” Vision: To develop a global network of areas on land and sea that can help safeguard the living systems that underpin life on earth. Action: Earle is the recipient of more than a hundred national and international honors. She was the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National […]