Real Leaders Impact Awards 2021

REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS 2021 SPRING 2021 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 31 PLANT 10K TREES ONETREEPLANTED.ORG/MILLION 800-408-7850 While some leaders talk about sustainability, you can actually get trees in the ground. Join the Million Tree Challenge to support the UN Decade on EcosystemRestoration . JOIN THE MILLION TREE CHALLENGE 105. MOYEE COFFEE The world’s first FairChain coffee supplier that aims to restore the supply chain to a 50/50 balance between coffee producers and coffee drinkers. Their model is helping countries to become less dependent on development aid. They collaborate directly with 658 coffee farmers, helping them to work toward a living income. 106. WHOLE KIDS A manufacturer of certified organic, additive-free, and allergen-friendly snacks for kids. They support small farmers and encourage more sustainable food systems, producing nourishing food while helping to make the world a healthier and happier place for kids. Aim to expand their influence globally by working toward a goal of no child skipping breakfast. 107. VITAL PLAN A wellness company committed to helping people overcome chronic health challenges through the use of physician- formulated natural supplements, guided online wellness courses, and personalized coaching and support. They seek to improve the lives of everyone, from the global farmers and foragers who source ingredients, to their customers who seek wellness. 108. ELLEVATE NETWORK A global network and resource for professional women who create, inspire, and lead. They are committed to helping each other succeed, and aim to close the gender achievement gap in business by providing women with a community to lean on, and learn from. They have connected more than 150,000 women across the globe. 109. SALT PALM DEVELOPMENT A luxury real estate developer that creates sustainable and responsible developments in the Tampa Bay region. They contribute at least half their profits back into the community and use the remaining profits for newer developments which create new profits for these same communities. They aim to enhance quality of life for residents and neighbors. 110. BROOKS WINERY An Oregon-based winery with a commitment to biodynamic farming and locally sourced ingredients. They produce quality and affordable wine, while also focusing on the health of the land and community. They have boosted biodiversity in their region and bottle 50 different types of wine. They produce more Riesling than any winery in America. 111. NEW SOCIETY PUBLISHERS An activist, solutions-oriented publishing company that specializes in books that contribute to building an ecologically sustainable and just society. They print on 100 percent post-consumer, recycled paper, and operate a carbon neutral facility. They have published more than 600 books to further their goal of building a new society. 112. IMAJINE THAT A supplemental education program that offers before and after school programs for children, and professional development for adult educators. They inspire participants through playful, imaginative exploration, and bring them closer to universal human values: love, one family, one community, and one planet. They want to cultivate the curious child within. www.