Author: Theodore Kinni

Disney CEO Robert Iger’s Testimonial to Empathy

In June 2016, Bob Iger (above left, with George Lucas) was in China overseeing preparations for the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. It was the culmination of an 18-year effort and a $6 billion investment that the CEO calls “the biggest accomplishment of my career.” The day before the opening, as Iger was leading a VIP […]

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Exaggerated Truth-Telling Is Commonplace, But Not Admirable

In 1919, as the White and Red armies fought a brutal, seesaw war for control of Russia, British War Secretary Winston Churchill prodded his government to commit troops to the fight. The Bolsheviks, he declared, were “swarms of typhus bearing vermin.” They “hop and caper like ferocious baboons amid the ruins of their cities and […]

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