Trust Is the New Currency. Here’s How to Build It

You’ve heard the cliché: trust is the grease that lubricates business. Without it, transactions become time-consuming and expensive because everything must be negotiated, tested, verified, and, perhaps, litigated. Innovation and nimbleness suffer. Partners and consumers go elsewhere.The confidence needed to try the next new thing evaporates. Trust in government, science, NGOs, business, and other major […]

Trapped in Analysis Paralysis? Try Sense-making Instead

Like most professionals, you are wary of making decisions or offering advice when uncertainty is high, when you are likely to be wrong, and when the blame for failure will be yours. So, you err on the side of caution and pause to collect additional information in the search for clarity and certainty. But the […]

2 Proven Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Market Leader

The 2020 national election seems to have solidified the gulf between “us” and “them.” We’re polarized and paralyzed: collaboration is working with the enemy, and, worse, compromise is seen as losing to the enemy. The traditional leadership style—where someone or some political party creates the vision and has the positional authority to lead us towards […]