3 Ways to Nurture Mindful Leadership During Times of Crisis

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Leading Through Disruption: How to Embrace Uncertain Times

Great philosophers have said throughout the ages that change is inevitable, and that certainly seems true in the moment we’re living through. How can we lead our teams through this time of disruption? It turns out that change is hard for humans, especially when our health, jobs, or the survival of our businesses depend on […]

The Neuroscience of Change: Focus on What Matters

The transformations we are seeing in our life at home and at work are only likely to escalate in the coming years. Yet as humans, many of us find change and building new habits to thrive in that change hard, particularly when our jobs or the success of our businesses depend on it. If you […]

This CEO Merges Business, Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom

While you may not be familiar with Louis Gagnon, he used to be senior vice president at job site Monster Worldwide, and then chief product officer and chief marketing officer for Amazon’s Audible unit, where he led a team that doubled revenue and KPI growth rates in less than 24 months. Today, however, Louis is […]

3 Things I Learned from Losing a Tennis Match to Richard Branson

While it’s well known that Richard Branson is many things—successful entrepreneur, space tourism pioneer, business visionary—what’s not so well known is that he is also an accomplished tennis player. In fact, Richard says that his big dream growing up had nothing at all to do with business, it was playing on Centre Court at Wimbledon—the […]

Effective Leaders Practice This Simple Technique

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders across the globe — and there’s one practice that makes a huge difference in almost everyone’s performance. When we think of productivity in business, we often think of people pushing themselves to past their limits — pulling all-nighters at work, eating lunch while responding to emails, zooming from one project […]

3 Lessons From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Building Peace

As the CEO of TLEX Institute, which trains leaders from global agencies, Fortune 100 companies and governments in fragile states, I have seen how conflict and power struggles can become embedded in how people operate. Even seasoned progressive leaders can struggle to disentangle identities, cultures and systems from cycles of retaliation and aggression. For the […]

3 Ways Leaders Can Build Resilience For Moments That Matter

When the going gets tough, we’re told the tough get going – do more, do better, and tough it out. We believe that the more time, energy, and focus we put in, the more we’ll get out of it on the other side. But as leaders like Ariana Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, shares, this […]

Building a Love-based Work Culture: Why Aspiration Outperforms Desperation

Business culture starts at the top, and it has a profound effect on everything from employee engagement and customer satisfaction to long-term performance. But according to a recent Gallup report on the State of the American Workplace, 70 percent of employees in the workforce are disengaged, and 87 percent feel emotionally disconnected from their workplaces. […]