Real Leaders

Harness The Power of These Role Models to Lead Others

Role models can do more than inspire. They are practical and sensible examples of how to do things the right way. A role model is often a powerful force in your life and career. You can choose to closely emulate the person or select certain traits you can integrate into your individual style. Anne, for […]

When a Crisis Ends a Real Leader Asks: “How’d We Do?”

“The Most important Thing About Crisis Management is to Prepare for the Next Crisis.” At this point, some businesses are reopening. Limitations on in-person meetings will be lifted. Some, but not all, employees will be happy and anxious to get back to the workplace and leave the stress of 24/7 home life behind. However, the […]

5 Ways Real Leaders Act When a Crisis Hits

“How companies respond will define their brand for decades.” — Mark Cuban Whether responding to an international, national, local, or company-specific crisis, positive influence role models are a powerful force for showing us how to do things “the right way.” They provide an example from which we can learn how to be successful.  You may choose […]