Author: Celina Lima

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean in Other Cultures? I Found Out

As a millennial, I’m of the mindset that businesses should use their operations to make a profit and also impact their stakeholders. Whether that be through ethical supply chains, education, BOGO programs or the myriad social models that have sprung up in the past decade to make a difference in the world, triple bottom lines […]

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Meet Moringa, The Most Nutrient-dense Plant on The Planet

Meet Kuli Kuli, an Oakland-based startup that is showing how business can create social change by combating malnutrition in developing countries, and America too. Have you ever heard of Moringa before? This miracle tree is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, beating kale, spinach, and even spirulina for health benefits. Moringa is packed with […]

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