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18 NOVEMBER 2021 / 9AM PDT

“Capital Untapped: What Professional Athletes Can Teach CEOs About Impact — For a Return on Investments.”

Join Ray Lewis and Danny Hughes in conversation at Meet the Real Leaders on 18 November. Ray has brought his unique brand of inspiration and motivation to some of the world’s biggest companies and organizations. The ex-NFL great speaks from the heart with passion and authority, drawing from a wealth of experiences on and off the field. Ray will share his leadership lessons, how he worked through adversity, motivated those around him, and inspired the best in people. He will be joined by impact entrepreneur Danny Hughes, the founder of Athletes Influence — that facilitates relationships between professional athletes and the impact investing community.


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What Attendees Say

Lord Michael Hastings Guest
Lord Michael Hastings GuestMay 2021
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“I was personally and professionally moved by the content and the messages that were presented by Michael Hastings. I walked away ever more motivated and charged up with a sense of validation that our efforts at Nutriati are relevant.”
Suzy Cameron Guest
Suzy Cameron GuestApril 2021
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“Accessing this kind of resource is necessary to build a collaborative for multi-systemic transformations. That was my primary motivation for attending.”
Rob Chesnut Guest
Rob Chesnut GuestMarch 2021
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“Break outs were great. Straight to the point. Informative. Gems gleaned that were employable.”

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Meet a select group of like-minded impact CEOs and learn leadership strategies from a celebrated leader — that will help you find a business solution to a pressing social problem.


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Being an impact leader can be lonely. You’re stuck between the old way of doing business and the challenge of creating something new. Meet the Real Leaders will inspire you to explore new ways.


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Past Events


“How to be a Fearless Leader: 6 Steps to Success”

Rebecca Minkoff built a fashion empire through hard work and a relentless drive to live her dream. It wasn’t easy and took tremendous resolve to remain hungry and persevere. By never giving up, she has created a space for herself on the shelves of luxury department stores across the world. Her podcast “Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff” focuses on the incredible stories of resilience, failure and success of notable women. Join her on October 28 when she shares her personal journey as an entrepreneur, and how you can take on challenges you initially think you can’t complete, but can — by being fearless. She’ll show you how to break the rules and find success in places you previously thought inaccessible. Think you can’t reach your goal? Minkoff will share her personal strategy for success, no matter how unattainable it may seem. Website


“Why Good For the Environment Is Good For Business.”

Through 60 years of groundbreaking work, Dr. Goodall has shown us the urgent need to protect chimpanzees from extinction. She has also redefined species conservation to include the needs of local people and the environment. Today she travels the world, speaking about the threats facing animals and environmental crises, urging us to take action on behalf of all living things and the planet we share.



“The Trillion Dollar Market Opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid.”

Globally known as Mr Toilet (He created UN World Toilet Day) Jack is a serial entrepreneur. He created 16 “traditional” businesses, and then turned serial social entrepreneur and created eight social impact businesses. He retired at age 40 to devote himself full-time to changing the world for the better. He has built a “World Trade Center” for the poor in Singapore, that aims to unlock the economic potential of billions of people worldwide.



“Strengthening Markets Through Social Impact.”

Michael John Hastings, Baron Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE, is the former Global Head of Corporate Citizenship for KPMG International. He was previously the BBC’s Head of Public Affairs and then the first Head of Corporate Responsibility. He is the Chancellor of Regent’s University London, and Professor of Leadership at the Stephen R. Covey Institute, Huntsman Business School, Utah State University.



“The Business Case For Plant-Based Foods.”

The American environmental advocate, former actress and model believes in the power of plant-based foods. Her OMD (One Meal a Day) campaign promotes plant-based food solutions to climate change, in a multi-pronged effort to transform eating habits and the food system. She has done the math, and the benefits to business are huge. Find out where the next big opportunities lie in local and global food supply chains and manufacturing.

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The Climate Crisis: The Biggest Business Opportunity in History.”

Frenchman Bertrand Piccard is the Founder of Solar Impulse, and the first person to complete a successful round-the-world solar-powered flight. Innovative goes back generations in his family — his grandfather was a balloonist and undersea explorer in the early 1900s, and his father was an oceanographer. Piccard’s foundation is currently finding 1,000 business solutions that will protect the environment in a profitable way.

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“6 Leadership Lessons from Rob Chesnut, Former Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb.”

Rob is the former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb. His new book How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution gives guidance on how to navigate times of crisis with integrity. He believes that leaders should draw on integrity to guide them through the very difficult decisions we all now face. Stakeholders will remember how you acted during a time of crisis. Learn how Rob guided Airbnb through their early years.


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