8 Questions Every Aspiring Business Owner Must Ask

Do you have what it takes to own a business? Your first answer might be that it depends on the market, but that’s only part of the story. So is thinking it depends on your product. The bottom line is it depends on you. We tend to hear more about business successes than failures. Although […]

Vulnerability Gets a Bad Rap: How to Open Up in 2021

By welcoming fear and feedback, you can become a more vulnerable and gracious leader. Here are a few great ways to embrace vulnerability. Most people immediately equate the idea of leadership with how you run your business. But to me, leadership is simple: It’s about how you show up. It’s how you inspire and support […]

How to Feedforward, and Never Feedback

We were a young breakaway agency, packed with talent and hungry for all the opportunities we could get. Our overhead included a ridiculously large budget for salaries that had to be covered every month. We brought in all the clients we could and always asked for their feedback on our work and our agency — how […]