Yulu Public Relations

Ranking: 141 Industry: Public Relations & Communications Mission: Championing social innovation by sharing stories that matter. They partner with socially innovative organizations, redefining entire industries with the fundamental idea that environmental and social responsibility are the cornerstones of holistic success. Leading a revolution of creativity, commerce and social consciousness. What 3 words best describe your […]

Franklin Media

Ranking: 117 Industry: Publishing Mission: Helping school districts, universities, bookstores, and wholesalers find new homes by donating, recycling, or selling their old, damaged, surplus or out of adoption books. Each year they keep over 3 million pounds of books out of landfills through recycling and put over ¼ million books into the hands of new […]

Waste Farmers

Ranking: 124 Industry: Regenerative Agriculture Mission: The first regenerative holding and operating company, creating brands and businesses that transform emerging social and environmental needs into market-based opportunities. They seek solutions inspired by natural systems, human potential and intuitive imagination with the intention of enhancing the biosphere, local communities and one’s authentic life. What 3 words […]

Metis Consulting Group

Ranking: 122 Industry: Information Technology & Services Mission: Offers a service triad of Management Consulting, Enterprise Application Development, and Technical Operations. They use the Metis Methodology to build thoughtful technology solutions and deliver a seamless and transparent user experience. Going beyond business to foster community with social impact-oriented organizational development.  What 3 words best describe […]


Ranking: 146 Industry: Environmental Consulting Services Mission: Advises for impact, born from the recognition that sustainability is multi-faceted and requires a diversity of perspectives to create enduring solutions. They have influenced more than $2.8 billion in sustainably-oriented financing, which have safe-guarded millions of hectares of land and oceans, secured 4Gt of forest carbon, and improved […]

Tree-Mendous Aerial Adventures

Ranking: 133 Industry: Construction & Design Mission: A designer and builder of a unique variety of custom and eco-friendly Aerial Adventures. They use sustainably and locally harvested lumber solely selected for rot resistant species and sourced locally whenever possible. Combining eco-tourism and an experience to thrill, giving people the opportunity to reconnect with nature and […]

Shades of Green Permaculture

Ranking: 135 Industry: Sustainable Landscaping Mission: A sustainable landscape firm that designs and installs productive and vibrant landscapes that respond to nature rather than work against it. Their designs provide organic food, thriving habitats, herbal medicine, natural beauty, healthy and chemical-free soils, and water cycle restoration. Empowering people to be part of the solution to […]

Spring Activator

Ranking: 138 Industry: Management Consulting Mission: A global incubator, accelerator, and advisory firm that supports building better businesses. They provide the tools, knowledge, network, and mentorship needed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs amplify impact and foster more sustainable economic development. Have helped 750 entrepreneurs and 350 businesses across 5 continents launch, grow, and change the world. […]


Ranking: 134 Industry: Marketing & Advertising Mission: A marketing and advertising firm that builds impact brands with language and design. They help brands address challenges as opportunities to rethink, rewire, and refresh, and their strategy-driven process is adaptive, accommodating organizations regardless of project scope or industry vertical. Generating the momentum necessary to realize a vision. […]

ResolutionCare Network

Ranking: 123 Industry: Telehealth Mission: A health care team that provides palliative care support, offering pain, symptom, and stress management for those who face serious illness. Rural-focused and technology-enabled, they work with patients’ existing medical teams and caregivers to provide an extra layer of human-centered support. Have cared for nearly 1,000 people and families living […]