Yulu Public Relations

Ranking: 141 Industry: Public Relations & Communications Mission: Championing social innovation by sharing stories that matter. They partner with socially innovative organizations, redefining entire industries with the fundamental idea that […]

Franklin Media

Ranking: 117 Industry: Publishing Mission: Helping school districts, universities, bookstores, and wholesalers find new homes by donating, recycling, or selling their old, damaged, surplus or out of adoption books. Each […]

Waste Farmers

Ranking: 124 Industry: Regenerative Agriculture Mission: The first regenerative holding and operating company, creating brands and businesses that transform emerging social and environmental needs into market-based opportunities. They seek solutions […]

Metis Consulting Group

Ranking: 122 Industry: Information Technology & Services Mission: Offers a service triad of Management Consulting, Enterprise Application Development, and Technical Operations. They use the Metis Methodology to build thoughtful technology […]


Ranking: 146 Industry: Environmental Consulting Services Mission: Advises for impact, born from the recognition that sustainability is multi-faceted and requires a diversity of perspectives to create enduring solutions. They have […]

Tree-Mendous Aerial Adventures

Ranking: 133 Industry: Construction & Design Mission: A designer and builder of a unique variety of custom and eco-friendly Aerial Adventures. They use sustainably and locally harvested lumber solely selected […]

Shades of Green Permaculture

Ranking: 135 Industry: Sustainable Landscaping Mission: A sustainable landscape firm that designs and installs productive and vibrant landscapes that respond to nature rather than work against it. Their designs provide […]

Spring Activator

Ranking: 138 Industry: Management Consulting Mission: A global incubator, accelerator, and advisory firm that supports building better businesses. They provide the tools, knowledge, network, and mentorship needed to help purpose-driven […]


Ranking: 134 Industry: Marketing & Advertising Mission: A marketing and advertising firm that builds impact brands with language and design. They help brands address challenges as opportunities to rethink, rewire, […]

ResolutionCare Network

Ranking: 123 Industry: Telehealth Mission: A health care team that provides palliative care support, offering pain, symptom, and stress management for those who face serious illness. Rural-focused and technology-enabled, they […]