4 Lessons From an Impact Investor

Wall Street is often the source of inspiration for investment professionals. But Gerhard Pries took a different path. It was on the streets of Calcutta working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity that he found a deeper motivation that has led him to the pinnacle of impact investing. Pries is the Managing Partner of Sarona […]

How to Stop Your Audience Being Distracted by Their Phones

SPEAKING WITH IMPACTEach week, speech coach and leadership mentor James Rosebush will answer a question on how to improve your public speaking. Benjamin Marasco, CEO of Waystride.com asks: In today’s connected age, several people in my audiences get distracted with their phones. Do you have any tricks to reengage those lost in social media? Dear […]

3 Secrets to Convincing Investors to Invest in Your Idea

To create, communicate and commercialize an innovation requires a lot of money. The money can come from your existing company, from outside investors or from your own savings. Note: When it’s from your own savings, it’s not uncommon that decisions won’t be fully your own. You may have a spouse or partner who has a […]

4 Business Strategies to Win at Customer Relations

I held a series of interview with some of today’s most accomplished Founder-CEOs who are redefining the concept of customer excellence for the future. They better meet the expectations of the new generations, who react far more quickly to how they’re treated. With them, one wrong move creates a “paper cut” that can forever highlight […]