Try Not To Give Anyone a Landfill Gift This Year

Pathological consumption has become so normalized that we scarcely notice it. There’s nothing they need, nothing they don’t own already, nothing they even want. So you buy them a solar-powered waving queen; a belly button brush; a silver-plated ice cream tub holder; a “hilarious” inflatable zimmer frame; a confection of plastic and electronics called Terry […]

Motorbike Transport App Creates Jobs And Saves Lives in Rwanda

Where else in the world can you upload your photograph to an app, plus a few personal details and get a job? Well, Africa for starters. With the lack of established infrastructure, Africa is in the rare position of being able to adopt new technologies without needing to spend money overhauling an existing system. In […]

Patagonia Uses Trump’s $10 million Tax Cut to Help Save The Planet

In December 2017, President Trump announced “an incredible Christmas gift for hard-working Americans” after his allies in the GOP Congress approved a tax cut package in record time. This past Christmas, Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario (above) decided to give their $10 million in unplanned cash back – to the planet. “Our home planet needs it […]

The Two-wheel Trend in Africa Turning Youth From Crime

It started with a chance encounter – stumbling across some second-hand BMX bikes from the U.S. in a shop in Nigeria. After throngs of young Nigerians watched some internet videos of their American counterparts performing tricks, a 1980s fad has spawned a burgeoning bike scene in the city’s capital, Lagos, that is helping to transcend […]

The Ruthless Actor With a Heart Of Chocolate

Ben Affleck frequently plays arrogant and ruthless characters in his films, that often feature corrupt but well-meaning law enforcement figures and characters caught in situations out of their depth. But off-screen, Affleck’s heart is easily melted. One of his goals is to kickstart organic chocolate production in the Congo, a country with more than 11,000 […]

Mythbuster: DJ’s Are Only About Hype

Alan Walker is a 21-year-old Norwegian DJ who made his big breakthrough with the song “Faded” in 2015, the video of which has already garnered more than 2.1 billion views on YouTube. In December 2018, he decided to turn his trademark image of hoodie and face mask to good use by launching a particle filter […]

Wise Guy – 5 Life Lessons From Guy Kawasaki

Over the course of my lifetime, apart from episodic deviations for cars, I had two primary goals: first, to raise four kids who are joyful, productive, and socially responsible; second, to empower people to change the world. Here are the experiences that led me to these goals. 1. Honor Counts Back in the late 1980s, […]