Corporate Activism is on the Rise

Looking at the role of corporations in society, we have entered a new era. The model previously taken for granted, one guided by a philosophy of passive shareholder value creation, has increasingly been called into question. It has been replaced by more activist models of corporate citizenship, such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) and triple-bottom-line […]

Timberland’s New Creative Director Underscores Remade, Reduced, Recycled

Timberland, known worldwide for its iconic yellow boot and passion for the outdoors, has announced a partnership with British designer Christopher Raeburn, who will serve as Global Creative Director for the brand. Raeburn owns a label of the same name, which is synonymous with responsible, intelligent fashion design. Raeburn will be a key stakeholder in developing […]

Grain Bag Handling Fee Helps Recycling Pay For Itself

Saskatchewan farmers who purchase large plastic bags for grain storage will see a change when they buy bags after November 1. That’s when Saskatchewan’s new province-wide grain bag recycling program’s Environment Handling Fee (EHF) becomes effective. The non-refundable EHF of 25 cents per kilogram will be added to the price of the bag based on weight and size. On […]

World’s Largest Collection of Celebrity Mental Health Stories Aims to Heal

Supportiv, a support network that matches users with peers for anonymous, real-time chats on any mental wellness topic – from everyday life struggles, anxiety, stress and relationship or work conflicts to grief and loneliness – has launched the world’s largest collection of celebrity mental health stories at on their website. “We typically see only bits and pieces of […]

SodaStream Builds Massive Device to Collect Ocean Plastic

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum has led 300 executives from around the world, local youth and environmental NGOs to clean the Caribbean Sea and the shores of Roatán island in the Honduras.  SodaStream International has launched the “Holy Turtle” – a massive ocean contraption designed to clean plastic waste from open waters. The innovative device will […]

Stop Eating Our Wildlife And Trading Them as Pets

The International NGO founded by Dr. Jane Goodall has launched a campaign to raise awareness around the urgency to protect species from trafficking.  With the imminent publication of Horizon Scan, a ground-breaking report that, for the first time, identifies and prioritizes the most urgent issues fueling wildlife trafficking, and as delegates gather for the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference […]