How Long-term Thinking Leads To Sustainable Decisions

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There is too much focus on short-term results in business today. Investors in the capital markets are driven by quarterly earnings, and this puts tremendous pressure on CEOs, especially those who run publicly-traded companies, to develop short-term strategies to return quarterly profits at the expense of sustainable solutions that are in the long-term interest of […]

20 Influential Women Share Secrets on Leadership, Business and Life

Pursuing gender balance in the executive suite and boardroom is clearly a good business decision. Documented benefits include higher profits, better employee retention and a deeper talent pool. But achieving that balance takes intentional focused efforts. On the company side, simply stating the goal does not ensure a flow of qualified women applying for the […]

Six Reasons Why You Need a Purpose to Lead

I think we should face the fact that most of our efforts at leadership development have failed. Although billions of dollars have been invested over the last 50 years and tens of thousands of books written to promote better leadership, there is virtually no evidence that leaders are any better today than they were five […]