Author: Real Leaders

Out the Box

Change everywhere requires everyone to be a changemaker, says Bill Drayton, Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public.

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Is Anyone Following?

Every now and then it’s a good idea to look over your shoulder and check, says author Bill Boyajian. I was once  told a story about a jet airliner that was carrying executives from many countries, including a tribal chieftain from the interior of Brazil.  The plane went down in the jungle near the Amazon River. All the leaders survived, but guess who emerged as the one to lead them out of trouble. You got it – the tribal chieftain. He became the leader of the leaders because he knew what to do next, why it was important, and how to bring the resources to bear to get things done.  He knew how to lead in that environment, and that was all it took for every executive to get in line and follow him. This simple story illustrates a crucial point. Understanding the context of your leadership – knowing how, when, where, and why you are leading – is critical to your success. Not every leadership assignment has your name on it, but those that do call for extraordinary action on you part. The key is to be ready and to respond quickly to the call. Knowing how to adapt to one’s environment is a secret to leading.  It is also a secret to success. People have long debated whether you can be a good leader without first being...

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