Author: Grant Schreiber

A Leader For All Time

Nelson Mandela has died at age 95. While many still debate his political standpoints, one thing is clear: he was a moral compass for more than just South Africa, his compassion for people reached around the world and influenced statesmen and ordinary people alike. His tenacity and strong will are legendary, part of what has seen him live through unbelievable hardships and challenges, yet stay resolved in his will to see his dream become a reality. Mandela is a shining example of what a long-term view can achieve, sticking steadfastly to his principles and repeating simple, insightful  phrases along the way until everyone finally gets it. A view that is now so widely accepted among South African’s and many others around the world, that to consider that he spent 27 years in jail for daring to think that diverse cultures might live together peacefully, sounds ludicrous today. In the 1980’s wearing a T-shirt with Mandela’s image got you five years in jail under South African law. Today his image is everywhere, with hundreds of thousands of T-shirts worn in honour of his legacy and in respect for this remarkable man. It’s a stark reminder of the twists of history and how yesterdays “terrorist’s” can become tomorrow’s respected leaders. As hard as it might be to believe, President George W Bush only signed a bill removing Nelson Mandela from the...

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Achieving Long Term Exceptional Performance

Authors Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed have set out to understand what truly great, long-term companies have in common versus the once-off, hero-of-the-moment type companies who might only be around for a short time. As business leaders we are constantly being swayed backwards and forwards by the “latest” thoughts and analysis from business experts. While it’s interesting to read about how these companies came about and the flamboyant characters behind them, how much can the data be trusted in helping to build your company? Raynor and Ahmed, both involved in strategy and innovation at Deloitte, have set out to remove...

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The Future of Mobility

It’s not actually about the car,” says Martin Wilderer. “We’re aiming to revolutionize the way people see mobility; the whole system. That’s where the power of our new venture comes from – not from only looking at one part of the mobility chain.” His vision includes alliances with hydrogen-pumping filling stations, to allow motorists to continue their refueling habits as normal, but with a very different approach to motoring. Rather than designing a good-looking car and shoving a modified engine inside, Riversimple has developed a hydrogen fuel cell as its heart and decided to manage the entire process, from...

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